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APACHE CD: Apache CD loaded with pictures, manuals, brochures, and more. These are higher resolution pictures than are on the web site, plus many that didn't get posted due to space constraints. Uncompressed it would be over 3 gigs worth of info. I am giving it away for free, just $5 to cover the blank, shipping, packing and wear and tear on the CDR. I will cut a deal on multiples sent to one address at one time. They are free to copy and distribute. It will continue to evolve as I learn more and get more. Please contact Paul Drescher at sensi3d@execpc.com - I'll send you the CD and after you receive it you can pay me.

1978 Apache Ranger

We own a '78 Ranger - got tired of the color so we repainted to match my International Scout. Here's my web page with other pictures.

78yuma-eagle1.jpg (69941 bytes) 78yuma-eagle2.jpg (65397 bytes) 78yuma-eagle3.jpg (52228 bytes) 78yuma-eagle4.jpg (42195 bytes) 78yuma-eagle5.jpg (48136 bytes)

These are a few pictures of the '78 Yuma/Eagle that my wife and I recently purchased and refurbished.  We bought it from a guy in AZ that used it for hunting. It was pretty rough inside.  We gutted it, put in a new floor, rebuilt the booth as a single bench/bed, rebuilt the pull out stove as all the wood was rotted, put in new curtains, cushions, etc.  These pictures are from out maiden camping trip.  I still have a few small things to address but it has been a fun project.  I have never seen another one like this on any of the sites or on the cd disc that Paul has compiled.  There has been some confusion as to the model as it had the plastic script name badge on the right side lower panel by the door that said "Yuma".  It was broken and part of the "m" was missing so we removed it.  One of the pictures I sent has a sticker on the left of the door says Eagle.  That is what causes the confusion as those are two different models. I took many many pictures of the complete restore that I will be forwarding to Paul for his disc. I thought you may want to post a pic of this model on the apachepopups.com site because it is somewhat rare... Steve & Colleen

Our Apache Cimarron Camper http://cards.webshots.com/cp-31702710-KXmQ-album/46650813sFKqHw Enjoy! -Jim

77ramada_left.jpg (57631 bytes) 77ramada_inside1.jpg (45932 bytes) 77ramada_inside2.jpg (58210 bytes) 77ramada_purchase1.jpg (42945 bytes) 77ramada_purchase2.jpg (46381 bytes)

Two weeks ago, I had no idea what an Apache pop up trailer was.  I was looking for a late 70's tent trailer, inexpensive to purchase, and in reasonable shape.  I was looking at a web site that gave all the manufacturers of tent trailers, and working alphabetically, came across the Apache name.  I opened the link, and came upon this treasure of a web page!  I was captivated by the idea that I could have a folding R.V., that was light enough to be pulled by my 97 Ford Aerostar.  As my appetite was whetted by all the pictures, and the wealth of information on the site, I moved to the for sale portion On the web page.  One after another, I found U.S. pop ups for sale.  AND THERE IT WAS!  For sale; 1977 Ramada;  East Central Alberta.  I picked up the phone, and contacted the owner immediately.  Sloane Dieken kindly sent me 30 pictures by email, and I salivated over the pictures.  My wife and I travelled the 2 hours to see the pop up in person, but I was 90% sure that I was going to be the pleased owner of a solid state trailer.  The Ramada showed as well in person as in the photos, so we did the deal.  I am looking forward to many trips around Alberta, not to mention a long trip to Kansas City this summer.  I plan to add a battery to the unit, and work out some kinks in every day use of the pop up.  Here are some pictures of the unit, on the day my daughter, son and I got the Ramada, and earlier this spring, when Sloane took the pictures. A.J.W.

1975 Mesa 75 Mesa '75 Mesa

I have a 1975 Apache Mesa  trailer.  I bought it from my parents in 1994.  We used it a lot the first year then set it on a piece of property that we own and bought a travel trailer. The apache trailer was set up every year but not really used.  This year we decided to start using the trailer more.  We found out that in the last few years a mouse has been living in the trailer.  So we brought it home and started the restoration of it.  So far we are in it it for about $700.  Most of this is for new cushions.  We bought some high quality foam and upholstery fabric and my mother-in-law has made the new covers.  The cushions are more comfortable than when the trailer was new.  I have gone through everything else and all we have left to do is make new curtains and the trailer will be practically brand new. We are really excited to start camping again. Steve & Natalie - Washington

'73 Mesa front '73 Mesa back '73 Mesa end '73 Mesa screenroom

Here are some pictures of our 1973 MESA! We live in northeast Ohio. We bought it in 2000 for $800. The gear boxes were going when we bought it.  We were able to use it that first season. Then we ordered some new gear boxes ($300)from old Elmer and also had an awning made at our local canvas shop($240). I found a screen room at a garage sale for $40. The rain would come in the bunk ends if the windows were open. So I bought some fiberglass panels at a salvage store(4x8/$8) I cut them and used colored Duct tape to attach so water would drip off past the bottom of the window. This allowed us to leave the windows open even in the rain. I replace the tape each year. As you can see the screen room has flaps to close up at night. We put our porta- potty in the screen room at night giving us a bathroom area.     

We take our Akita dog and go almost every weekend. We even go Fall camping (early Oct.) We have an electric heater that keeps it nice & cozy. Our Mesa came with a 3 burner stove, sink,& ice box. We bought a dorm type fridge, and use the ice box as  dry storage for bread, chips, etc. My wife made some new curtains and we bought some cheap mini blinds & attached them with Velcro on the side windows, it works well. This year (2002) I have plans for putting air conditioning in the camper. I could go on but I should save space for others!  Thanks !     mrrick@onecom.com


'72 Apache Roamer

Here's a picture of our '72 Roamer. We bought it off the Swap N' Shop. This is our first pop-up camper. With no idea how to put it up we began our first adventure. After about an hour and a half it was up and we camped that night and the next. Luckily the weather was co-operative and even though my wife and daughter said it was a might "cold" (40 degrees) after the 78 degree daytime temp., we had a fun time getting used to the settling sounds. (Hmmm Ghost stories might have not been a good idea). We took it down in less than 20 minutes. We're sure that the next time we can set it up much faster now that we see how the controls work. Kenneth in N.C.

74mesa1.jpg (30466 bytes) 74mesa2.jpg (28861 bytes) 74mesa3.jpg (20863 bytes)

We just purchased a new used '74 Mesa in south Mississippi. It's in fair shape considering it's been sitting unused for about two years. I'm sending some pictures, we're very proud of our new "Baby." Edmonsonkk@aol.com

73mesa_front.jpg (37318 bytes) 73mesa_back.jpg (33004 bytes) 73mesa_tongue.jpg (36193 bytes)

I have some new pics of my new used '73 Apache Mesa...Ordered some new parts from Ole' Elmer and will go to Campers Paradise for tail lights... Looking forward to meeting in August at the National Roundup at Metamora-Hadley State Park. I have camped up there a few times, it is a nice campground... Luke Kawecki

1979 Ranger "Geronimo"

Here is a picture of our '79 Ranger we purchased this past fall. We are looking forward to doing a lot of camping this summer. We call it Geronimo.  Chuck and Jeanne Cline

71ramadapic.jpg (30179 bytes)

I bought a 1971 Apache Ramada this summer from a couple in Brighton, MI.  This camper looks and feels like new.  My wife and I camp a lot in the summer, and will never use a canvas pop up as long as this Apache holds up.  We also have the original sales brochure that the original owner used to buy this camper.  Here is a picture of the camper.  Thanks for the wonderful website, Steve and Alison Krug.

Interior of '80 Royal showing toiletry area created with full-length curtains

Here is a picture of the interior of our '80 Royal which shows the added curtain, light over mirror and porta-potty and the 2 gallon hot water heater which was hooked in series to the cold water but is now installed under the seat. The curtain on a long rod was the most effective improvement for the money. Jan

73mesa.jpg (32348 bytes)

Here is a picture of my '73 Mesa.  It is in excellent condition.  My father bought it new...  Mark Doerrer

73ramada.jpg (18941 bytes)

Thanks for the great site. I owned a Mesa at one time and had sold it. I was wandering around a camper place a couple of weeks ago thinking about picking up another camper not thinking I would run across an Apache. Up in the back yard of this place was a ' that looked like it was all there but rough around the edges. The guy said he wanted $200 for it but would not try to open it because he did not have a lift crank for it. So after some haggling we agreed on $150. I got it home and to my amazement it was all there and all worked. The living hinges were all broken but I am in the process of making my own out of canvas. When that is finished it will be in really good shape. The previous owner painted it red which would not be so bad if it had been done right. So I will be repainting the outside. I called "Ole Elmer" the other day for some parts and want to thank you for giving us his number. He is a very nice man. Someone that you think you have known for your whole life after talking to him for just a few minutes. Attached is a picture of our "NEW" 1973 Apache Ramada. Thanks again - Chuck & Kelly  - Wake Forest, NC 

85royal_doorside.jpg (31824 bytes) 85royal_left.jpg (25821 bytes) 85royal_galley.jpg (39563 bytes) 85royal_inside.jpg (38054 bytes) 85royal_rear.jpg (38363 bytes)

I had decided to purchase an old used pop-up trailer to take youth groups camping.  We enjoy doing this with our travel trailer but thought a second trailer would be helpful. I saw an ad for an "Apache Hardside Pop-up" in the paper and decided to check it out.  I was hesitant at first, they were asking a little more than I
wanted to spend.  But decided it had a lot of nice features and was in good shape.  A day or two after my purchase I was searching the net to see what happened to Apache.  We had a '70 when I was a kid, I didn't know if they were still made or not.  Well, much to my surprise your site turned up and I realized I had quite a
gem on my hands, a 1985 Royal, porcelain toilet and all!  I have fixed a few minor things and she's ready to go.  I know it's not the original colors, I'm still trying to find what the original stripe colors were. Tom

74ramada3.jpg (29166 bytes) 74ramada1.jpg (24908 bytes) 74ramada2.jpg (29508 bytes)

After purchasing my 1974 Ramada for only $100.00, I soon found out what a deal I had. Clearly by accident did I find your web site and started reading every manual you had posted. It wasn't long before I had ordered living hinges, roadcap seals, bed end bumpers and two gear box's. Now I guess I have about $500.00 in this wonderful camper, and I could not be happier. My wife helped me wash the curtains and clean up the inside. Then I pressured cleaned the outside. It looks brand new. Thank God for OL' Elmer. He is a life saver. Here are some pictures I took after we cleaned it up. See you on the road!!!!! CowBone55@aol.com

78royal6.jpg (26662 bytes) 78royal7.jpg (22048 bytes) 78royal3.jpg (20041 bytes) 78royal4.jpg (19004 bytes) 78royal5.jpg (18227 bytes) 78royal2.jpg (41803 bytes) 78royal1.jpg (13855 bytes)

It all started when my parents decided to relive my childhood, only with my children this time.  This included purchasing their second Apache, a 1978 Royal that we proudly named  "The Jalapeno Popper", Get it?  They purchased it on Ebay in May 2000, we gave it a quick clean up and we were campin'.  My husbands first time in an Apache, he was hooked.  We stared looking and with the help of my parents, found our very own 1978 Royal.  We paid $650.00 for it in March 2001.  We were all impressed, the tail lights, spare tire cover and roof vent cover all original and fully intact.  We were unable to open it when we bought it, but once it warmed up we were in awe.  It's BEAUTIFUL, except for the ugly fabric (that will be re done) the furnace, stove, light and fan (with a little help from Ole Elmer) all work.  The frig is yet to be tested.  We love it,  and have named it "Poppin' Broc-co-li", get it?  Well here are the before pictures, stay tuned for the after.  See ya at the round up, Ontario 2001. P.S.  We will have 2 sets of the original green plaid fabric, but only one set of curtains for the Royal model if any one is looking.  tschaefer26@home.com

76royal1.jpg (88334 bytes) 76royal2.jpg (48573 bytes) 76royalhotwater1.jpg (31614 bytes) 76royalhotwaterwiring.jpg (58542 bytes)

Attached are some pictures of our '76 Apache Royal.  We were out looking for a small camper in 1982 when we found this gem in the back of a trailer sales lot. It looked in pretty bad shape, but the looks were deceiving.  We picked it up for $1000.00 and towed it home. As it turned out the only major problems (if you can call them that) were all the wood side wall covering had to be replaced, the ice box was broken, all the windows were yellowed and the previous owner had made bad try at installing an AC unit.  After correcting these problems, including replacing the AC and reinstalling it, and my wife making new curtains and coverings for all the cushions, we were off camping.  

I have installed 30 amp service to accommodate the current draw for the AC and hot water heater.  I have also installed a water pump, and a larger sink to accommodate a standard size dish.  Other minor changes/additions include a wooden support for the hinge side or the table (note photo) I removed the swing hinge from the table, a switch for selecting the water source (note photo lower console right side of sink), and replaced counter top.  The unit has hydraulic brakes and over the years the master cylinder had rusted beyond repair.  I recently replaced the unit with a new Bendix master cylinder that a friend who runs an Auto parts store was able to locate. ( I passed the part number and source to Ole' Elmer)   My most recent endeavor was the replacing of the lift gear boxes.  The replacement is easy, the alignment is not so easy.

Over the years we have spent many happy hours in our Apache.  Jack and Susie Mann

85ranger3.jpg (19179 bytes) 85ranger1.jpg (20378 bytes) 85ranger2.jpg (13806 bytes)

Thanks for your web site for these wonderfully made campers. They are so much fun to use. This is a 1985 Ranger. It's in great shape. I put the canopy on it and an electric fridge inside. It's pretty much original otherwise. My mother and father bought this camper in Mo., then they bought a travel trailer and sold us this one. We have really enjoyed it here in the deep south in Mississippi.  David & Patricia Patterson of Hazlehurst Mississippi

75mesa1.jpg (64162 bytes) 75mesa2.jpg (57778 bytes) 75mesabyebye.jpg (62680 bytes)

Thank you very much for allowing my wanted ad... I did get the perfect "fit" for my family.  I have gathered quite an education and am grateful. The camper I purchased is in new condition ('75 Mesa). The only item missing was the bed cushions. That was due to mildew. I am sending a couple pictures to you to use however you wish. I'd be thrilled to see them on your site. I am very confident that this rates highly among the best condition, and originality.  The seller is the gent with the gray jacket on.

71mesa1.jpg (56619 bytes)  71mesa3.jpg (61428 bytes) 

It's been a lot of fun reading through all the information and stories on the Apache Camper site.  Actually, finding all that positive energy helped me make my decision to buy one.  It was really out of the blue when I took a quick look in the local paper and found it right at the top:  "APACHE POP-UP CAMPER $200.00 - NEEDS WORK"  A little searching turned up your site and the rest is history.  

I spoke with John Bartlett at Apache Trailer Parts in Ontario and he thought it was a '71.  I confirmed this with Ole' Elmer too.  The main identifying characteristic was that the bed roof and end fold up into the road cover, not onto the bed like the later models.  Also, it has a 5 gal. water jug, not the built-in 10 gal. tank.  A bit less common and harder to find some parts I suppose, but still very serviceable. I still need the LEFT-REAR telescope cover (as viewed from the rear). Between Crouch Campers, Apache Trailer Parts, Ole' Elmer, and my local hardware stores I may be in good shape save for the MESA emblem and a couple other small parts.  I'm really hoping they will turn up here on this fantastic Apache site! 

I have attached a few photos for your enjoyment and use on the site if needed.  You can see the bed-end side walls on the beds, and if you look closely you'll see the bed-end roof and outer walls tucked up against the inside of the road cover. I thank you for your dedication and efforts on the web site for all of us Apache owners - old and new.  Keith Beatty Olathe, KS

 76mesa4.jpg (31134 bytes) 76mesa5.jpg (31441 bytes) 76mesa3.jpg (29714 bytes) 76mesa6.jpg (24934 bytes) 76mesa7.jpg (24762 bytes)

 Here are a few pics of our latest addition to the family!  It is a Mesa, 1976 I think. The inside was in desperate need of repair, so I decide to gut it and update it with Birch cabinets/countertops, etc.  I used all the existing frames, stove, cabinet door frames, etc.  I think it looks very sharp now!  We have camped in it 6 times now (in two months!), and my wife and boys really enjoy it! Happy camping!  Jason Walker and Family

74royal_in_garage.jpg (32478 bytes) 74royal_interior.jpg (49630 bytes) 74royal_n_rig.jpg (26718 bytes)

Hi Doug, here are some pictures of our '74 Apache Royal as it was when we found her. We camped in it on the way back home and have taken it on a trip to Clearwater Florida.  It camps fine like it is but we are in the process of restoring her. Will send some after pictures as soon as I can develop them.  Macon

75 royal.jpg (84701 bytes) 75 royal 2.jpg (85117 bytes)

Here's a couple pics of my '75 Royal taken at Lincoln Park in Wesson, MS. It didn't look this good when I bought it. I've had to do some major reconstruction and refurbishing, but I'm very proud of the results thus far. Still have several minor things to do and I'm doing them as I can get (or make) the parts. As you can see, my kids really enjoy it also. So far, I've replaced the plumbing (did away with reservoir tank and installed a regular sink faucet), replaced the "icebox" with an electric refrigerator, replaced the counter top, repaired (with fiberglass) most corners on the panels, installed carpet (an industrial grade bought from Home Depot), repaired the front lift chain assembly (did it with spare parts from around house - if interested how, e-mail me and I'll explain), replced the front-end panel (where the a/c is) with 3/8 inch plywood (treated and sealed - the original was rather poorly cut for the a/c installation by the previous owner and it looked horrible), replaced the a/c, purchased a new interior dome light and various seals. Love the website, its been a big help. Lowell Paradelas, Amite, Lousiana.

73mesa1.jpg (97002 bytes) 73mesa2.jpg (118804 bytes) 73mesa3.JPG (58793 bytes) airconditioner.jpg (85114 bytes) 73mesa4.JPG (93507 bytes)

Hi, I'm sending some photos of my '73 Mesa I've been working on. We bought it last January for the bargain price of $100. I've replaced a broken lift chain, both gear boxes, various seals, all windows, tires, counter tops, new tile floor, curtains and screens all around, installed an a/c, a rear cargo rack as well as painting it to match my tow vehicle. It's like new now and looking good, hope ya'll can use the photos.
Bobby in New Orleans

'78 Apache Ranger '78 Apache Ranger '78 Apache Ranger '78 Apache Ranger

Here's a few pictures of our '78 Apache Ranger. We have had our "baby" for 18 years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Last summer for our 25th wedding anniversary we took a 25 day trip from Michigan to California with the Apache. We realize that as we have gotten older it isn't quite as much fun to pop up and down on those one nite stands. We just want our "baby" to go to a loving home!   Judy

28dec.gif (79664 bytes)

This is a picture of our family Apache Ramada camper once my husband washed and shined her up. You can actually see the reflection of the grass blades in the sides of the camper! The camper had sat outside for years without a tarp to protect it and formed layers of leaves and mud on the top. The whole outside of it had oxidized. We are glad to read about other Apaches and solving problems they may have. This site is just wonderful. We were planning on coming to the Midwestern Roundup, but our daughters took ill. We hope to see another one come around soon. Keep up the good work! Tom and Amanda Rammel

74royal.jpg (80393 bytes)

Here is a picture of my '74 Apache Royal. It was taken on our July 4th camping trip. davidg@mtnhome.com

76Messa.jpg (57671 bytes)

This is our 1976 Apache Mesa, Just back from a 3,000 mile Camping trip to Fort Wilderness, Disney, Florida. sdyer@cybertours.com   Check out my web page  http://www.cybertours.com/~sdyer

77ramada.jpg (31010 bytes) 77ramada2.jpg (26078 bytes)

We live up here in New Hampshire and have enjoyed tent camping for years. We were looking for something more substantial than a tent last year and a co-worker offered to sell us his 1977 Apache Ramada that he had purchased new in early 1978. After seeing the camper set up, we grabbed it and have been very happy ever since. It was in great shape and the only additions that we made were a shower, hot water heater, water pump and a refrigerator (it had an icebox). It trailers great and, after adding a sway control bar, there is no more movement when being overtaken by an 18 or 30 wheeler on the highway at 70 mph. We really enjoy your website and in fact we were able to attend the eastern Roundup back in July and had a great time. I didn't realize there were so many models of Apache and that they had been made 15 to 20 years before ours was built. The people we met at the Roundup were interesting and we hope to get together again soon. I hope these pictures of our camper and our Springers are viewable. If not, please contact me and I'll send larger versions. Steve & Jane Skibniowsky

72Mesa1.jpg (60369 bytes) 72mesa2.jpg (40149 bytes) 72mesa3.jpg (59813 bytes)

Here are some pictures of my Mom and Dad's 1972 Apache Mesa. It is in great condition and they are very proud of it. Hope you like them, Rich Brooks

75ramada folding up.jpg (42015 bytes) 75ramada outside front.jpg (26241 bytes) 75ramada outside back.jpg (26287 bytes) 75ramada inside right.jpg (28999 bytes) 75ramada inside left.jpg (31389 bytes)

"I finished fixing up my '75 Ramada. It looks almost brand new. . .New windows, new paint, new emblems. . ." Dennis Trojan

1975 Apache Royal (75royal2.jpg) (42566 bytes)

Here's a nice shot of a 1975 Apache Royal sent in by River Rat Harry tamagrouchy@earthlink.net. This was Harry's previous camper prior to his "upgrade" to a Ramada. Our first Apache was this exact model and color as well! It was cool seeing them together at the First Midwest Roundup (1999).

The Apache that started it all!

This is an old shot of the Apache that started it all. Yes, it's our original family camper. The picture is circa 1982. This was a '72 Ramada. The small windows, bed end corner edge covers and window awnings give it away. That's my Dad waving his hand, the proud Apache owner/family man. Seated at the picnic table from left to right is me (long-haired 15yr-old), my older sister Donna, my Mom, and my sister's boyfriend at the time (Mike!). When we took a family camping trip, everybody went along. -Doug (Apache Webmaster)

1972 Mesa sent in by Jim Strong  Back shot of the '72 Mesa  scenic shot - 72 Mesa Hardside and nice towing vehicle 

Here're three shots of a 1972 Mesa sent in by Jim Strong jstrong@ucrac1.ucr.edu.
Nice looking Apache Jim! (NOTE: I used this first shot for the web site banner. Hope you don't mind Jim!)

71ramada closed.jpg (42206 bytes) 71ramada halffold.jpg (49995 bytes)  71ramada.jpg (30744 bytes) 71ramadainside.jpg (41168 bytes) camping.jpg (60562 bytes)

Dear Apache webmaster,

Absolutely love the site and want to tell you how great it is that someone out there took the time to try and help out all of us proud Apache owners. I have owned my 71 Ramada II for 3 months. Paid $350 for it (what a steal) and have had the best camping trip anyone could ask for. There is no comparison to the feel of an Apache. I have more room in mine than friends that have 18 foot campers. But this Ramada is 13 feet at the base and 8 more feet when the ends are out. So I really have a 21 foot camper with all the room you want. It really is a wonderful classic camping trailer that definitely stands up to any of the latest competition. I have restyled the ends that were originally canvas (that I have kept for later refurbishing) and replaced with $15 dollars of tarp from WalMart. Worked great if I must say so myself, to the point that others can't tell that anything different has been done to the camper. I think it is even better that it was before. Then of course the inside has been all "tweaked" as well. Here are some pictures of my lovely beauty. Take care to all Apache lovers and owners all around the globe! (here's the manual!)

Happy Camping,
Pat Signor, Locke N.Y.

Me and my son Ben in front of our first Apache, a 1975 Ramada  '79 Ramada with Doug & Ben at Wyalusing State Park, WI, Fall 2000 '79 Ramada with screen tent at the 3rd annual Midwest Apache Roundup 2001!

The picture on the left is me and my son Ben in front of our first Apache, a 1975 Royal. We have since passed this lovely gem onto our best friends and upgraded to the 1979 Ramada. Yes, Ben has grown a bit. And now there are two kids with us in the Apache!  :]   - doug@apachepopups.com

Click here to see pictures of canvas-sided Apache's.



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